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Due- monster king port Stephens!


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G'day raiders,

Well, this is a follow on from my recent posts about getting smoked on several occasions.

So, I get the call from my mate and fellow raider dom that he was up this way and wanted to head out. The weather had been crap and me being flat out with the tourists we manage to find a window of opportunity yesterday and we headed off! Dom bought his mate jacks along and we were set for a good arvo session!

First stop was picking up some livies (with easy) and off to broughton island and the spot that has haunted and rewarded me for the past two weeks.

Anyway, the drift was hard so we anchored up, set up some livies and threw some sp's and bait about. I picked up a couple of pannies and few different reefies but nothing from Dom!

Now, to add to this story, this is the 3rd or 4th trip with Dom on his beautiful new boat and he was yet to bag a legal fish despite my son and I catching a few for the table.

Well, with all that said, he really put pave to that and showed the champion angler he is, with the foresight to feed his livie down the throat of a monster king that harassed our baits! And he was on zzzzzzz!

I wound in the rods and started the boat while jacks pulled anchor. We chased the fish for some time and dom played it well, as jacks drove like a pro! Too add, we had to deal with a frisky hammerhead and being dragged on top of a bombie but after 45mins the battle was one and I managed to gaff it first go. Dom was spent but managed a few hi5's and to hold the fish up for a few photos and what a hoody.




There you go, DUE, shit yeah, Dom was DUE to catch a legal fish on his boat and I was DUE to see one sooner or later. And if it wasn't me I couldn't think of better bloke to land that fish of a lifetime!

Congrats mate, a top catch and I'm glad your king didn't squash or eat my pannies in the kill tank! :)

King: broughton island

Weight: 20kg plus

Length: 137cm

Bait: live slimie

6500 shimano bait runner 30lb braid, terez rod.

Plenty of kings and snapper up here ATM, so if your up this way get out there!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Guest 4myson

CONGRATULATIONS & What a Cracker !! I can't work out who has the Bigger Smile !!! Definetly a team effort & Well Done !!!!! (I'll be in touch next week )

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Thanks Guys, was a memorable catch in trying conditions. The boys were brilliant, anchor stuck, five rods out and a fired up hammerhead lurking. Big shout out to the boat next to us for pulling anchor and moving to let us out in the depths. Great to see!!!

Next ones yours Scratchie, can't believe how nice the guy is keep feeding those Bakers whilst we chase the Kings!!

Good times and great way to see out 2015.

Cheers Dom

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Super king there Dom , I heard u have worked pretty hard for that fish on the new boat, hard to beat that now, but I'm sure u will try...well done. Jeff was kind enough to send me the pic whilst trolling a live squid off the breakwall the next morn, I nearly fell out of the boat when I saw the pic, cotm for sure !

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