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First bream on a SP off Clontarf 4 Dec


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Went for a late afternoon fish with NO BAIT! Flicked the plastics around and kept walking up the beach.  And YES, I GOT ME A BREAM!!!!! Followed by a grinner.  Both went back in. But happy days for me, as I've not managed to catch one so far - only a few bumps! Maybe I'll stick to these sps.....


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On 12/6/2016 at 3:49 AM, KingieRun said:

Nice catch mate! Plastics are addictive, Once you catch one you're determined to catch another. I'm currently hooked on to Zman Grubz they work a treat.



hello champ! i new to sp as well. caught some flatty recently but yet to land a bream. can i ask. if anyone could help. the spot where i go to. i can see like schools of mullet/ bream. but they aint bitting??? they just swim around... is there a particular reason for this. or is it certain time of the day they just dont bite?

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Everyone seems to love SP's, I have tried and tried and tried to catch fish with them and failed. Hate to think how much money I have thrown at the problem, good quality, light casting rods, decent reels with 6lb braid, selection of jig heads and plastics.. All set up in accordance with the online guidance.. Hours and hours of casting and retrieving just the way it says to on YouTube videos and the fishing shows... Still NOTHING, not a single fish! ! ! ! !

If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. :-)

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