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Coal Cliff fishing


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Went to Coal Cliff rock platform on Sunday night with two friends of mine. Arrived there around 7:30 pm, fishing on a run-out tide (low at 12 am), NNE wind, E swell. Caught a few good size tailors (over 35 cm), lots of yakka and few salmons. Good place to fish but the bites a far and few in between :(. 

Am I fishing the wrong wind/swell, or time?

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19 hours ago, elferoz777 said:

Not sure but its always got ppl there especially at night. What were you targeting?


Looks like a good blackfishing spot to me.

Went there recently. Terrific spot for blackfish, IMHO.

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5 hours ago, twisty84 said:

Any one had luck on stanwell beach ? 

 heading there this Friday night

Mate you will always catch plenty of salmon off the beach at Stanwell Park using Ganged pillies. The only thing is it gets absolutely packed these days. People crowd the beach and leave all of their rubbish and fishing line/hooks all over the place. I had to pull a line with hooks attached to it out of my dogs mouth last week while taking him for a walk. 

Anyway, good luck on Friday, and don't be afraid to tell people to take their rubbish with them if you see them leaving it behind.


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I'm happy with salmon getting back on to the beach with my Alvey and convinced a mate to get Alvey beach set up need to get him onto a fish now went Greenhills Cronulla other Friday and was packed thought might be more quieter stanwell dosnt sound like it might have to keep heading further south away from the numbers 

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