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Tailor are in numbers


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Went for a fish yesterday started in rose bay throw spf lures duckz in cola and sunrise shimmer two flathead landed 45 and 57 with a few dropped, moved to pier 8 in Walsh bay and had a nice haul of small trevally 30-37cm all released taken on bread and pilchard cubes then we walked around casting metals and found a lot of bustups of big tailor all caught 45-55cm on metals and spf lures





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1 hour ago, Kyle_9173 said:

Should have 😂, don’t worry the excitement was all on the inside 

Nice come back mate 😁


As long as the hearts pounding with anticipation about what's possibly on the end of the line & your smiling on the inside that's all that counts 👌

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On 7/4/2020 at 11:44 AM, Berrero said:

where do you pick up your spf lures from?

Hey mate, I am apart of the spf lures team all packets are in the old packaging for $6.50 at the moment can get them at www.spflures.com

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