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Little fella’s little session.


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G’day Raiders 

Easter 2021 holiday time I took my 3 yrs old Son for beach fishing for the first time and he caught few Whiting. He got natural instinct to reel a fish nice and slow while keeping that tension on; or should I say he couldn’t reel any faster because he was a tiny little man.

Now he thinks he is a big boy (5yrs old) ; so took him to one of the local wharf last night. Gave him choice of few lures that I know will work in these areas ( tested and proven before) and asked him to choose one. He chose a “Halco Laser Pro 45 trout” Yellow colour lure because he is a Bumblebee fan. 


I showed him how to cast, and reel back in to create different moments of the lure. Different retrieve creates different movements without giving you a sore arm (learned from the great sifu @DerekD Passing your knowledge to the young fella as  I’m sure you’ll be proud to hear his laughter). Rest of the arvo he just screamed with excitement and laughed with joy.


We got 14/15 tailors in an hour, varied from 20cm all the way to 35cm and it was a catch and release session only, so all of them went back to live another day. He got around 10 fishes and kept me busy with measure and release. I let him enjoy his day, no interruption for photos but when I saw him a bit tired I thought to record his last catch.

Please keep him in your prayer so that he become a respectable human being as well as a great angler.



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Hey DM, great report, a great way to spend the day with your son, knowing you - your young bloke will continue to be respectable human being “Raise up a child n the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. (POV 22:6). 10 fish is a great start for him.

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