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Bigtime flathead success on the hunter river


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Went to upper Hunter river in search of a big dusky flathead.

Found a sandy bank in the middle of the river that look the goods, near the fingers . 

Decided to troll with the current  with  a few deep diving 11$ special hard bodies due to the weather wind and lots of rain.

First run over the patch of sandy goodness not a touch,  lures where nicely bumping along the bottom. 

Second  run which is about 150m each time got 3 flathead from 42 to 70cm respectively. 

3rd run. Big hook up, a sleeper. The rookie fisherman on the boat had the rod. Pulled it up so quickly (samaki zing 7-12kg) it slammed into to boat and the lure knocked free. Looked like a 80cm flatty. During the  commotion the over head  reel got a birds nest. As it was being fixed a  42cm bream slams the semi floating chubby lure down it neck. Birds nest fixed by bream. Bream caught. 

In tne end  we all hopped out and fished a little ledge with the current flows at a nice pace. About knee deep water going to your shoulder. Some massive fish were lost ( 10+ flatties caught and released ) during the session but the  weather came in and it  was cloee to hitting us a few times (severe). Everyone was getting static shocks from thier gear. 


Awesome quick session.

A very healthy river the mighter hunter is!


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