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Botany Bay - Easter Sunday


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Hi everyone,

Headed out in Botany Bay around 8am with my wife and 3 year old son for a family boat day. 

There was little wind, water was incredibly warm but still very dirty from all the rain. 

We headed to La Perouse to find some yakkas for bait and a bit of fun for the young bloke. 

In no time they turned up and my son had an absolute ball catching them. 

It was one of those days where they were super aggressive.

He's loved waiting for the rod to bend(5 seconds) and bring them In. What a proud dad moment. He is officially hooked and now I have a future wingman!

After an hour or so we had kept about 6 yakkas and headed near Kurnell but not before stopping at the drums to take some photos of the seals sunbaking. 

We anchored near the whalf and sent one live yakka down and on another line a fresh strip.

Within 10 minutes the live yakka rod buckled and the wife was on. 

She was so excited and nervous and about losing it. I couldn't stop laughing which didn't help.

After 10 minutes of a solid couple of runs and some live coaching on the run we boated a nice king 76cm.

she was over there the moon and wanted to do it again but only with a "live yakka" as they work the best apparently according to the new expert. 

Over the next 1.5hrs we caught 4 kings with our 6 yakkas with 3 released (50cm,61cm, 65cm, 76cm)

All in all a great day on the water with the family.

The fresh feed was just a bonus. 

Cheers for reading 




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