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Broken Bay and Hawkesbury overnighter


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Hi all,

Took a mate out for an adventure, just the two of us ladies for an overnight trip. Epic is the only word to describe it. 

Left Easter Sunday afternoon packing pretty light, if we didn't catch fish, we were eating toast so the pressure was on. 

Out to my favourite spot off box head and it didn't disappoint, flathead for dinner and an amazing sunset with a beer or two - very cool. 

Anchored up near the rip bridge but after catching sharks, gave away the fishing in favour of the ukulele. 

Short ride out to broken bay on Monday morning but felt like we were sitting in a washing machine so back into the Hawkesbury in the hunt for a Jew. 

No Jew this time but ended up with flathead, a 40cm blue nose bream, hair tail and more flathead. 

Fun times with a special childhood mate who loves the adventure as much as me. No photos of the fish (alive) this trip.  




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