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Rose Bay Flatties and a Pike Sunday 23/4


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I was in and around Berry over the weekend for my cousin's wedding. I managed to get down to the mouth of the Crooked River in Gerroa for quick flick on the run up tide. 

No joy unless you get your kicks from toadfish. I also lost a Cranka Crab lure to the oyster covered rocks on the bottom. There's twenty bucks I'll never get back. 

So I stewed on that all the way back to Sydney and, in spite of being hungover and pretty over it, I headed down to the Rose Bay promenade to see if there was flattie waiting in front of the big drain that runs off from the golf course across the road. 

No one was home in front of the drain but I was enjoying the sunset, so I walked the whole promenade throwing an EcoGear ZX 40 over the weeds and onto the sandy bottom. It's a great lure and I much prefer using it to soft plastics. Especially the way you can easily feel if the lure's got weed on it. It seems to work well whether you slow roll or flick it. Everything goes for it, even the occasional whiting. 

I ended up bagging two flathead going 48 and 45cm. 

Also got my first ever pike, which I threw back. 

It's taken me a long time to figure out how to catch fish over the past year but I'm finally getting to the point where I catch something almost every time I go out. 




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