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You won't believe this...Rose Bay Queen's Birthday


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I just got back from Rose Bay after venturing out for a couple of hours this morning.  Probably the most rewarding session I've had down there and I only managed one fish!

Got down a couple of hours before the high tide and started fishing the drain that runs off the golf course.  It was a bit early for much action and I could barely even see anything swimming around. Not a great sign.

I walked around to the other side of the sea plane terminal and fished the big hole for a while with no luck.  I was throwing around an Ecogear ZX40 in brown and gold hoping I'd get into a flattie or a bream.  The water was very clear and we've obviously had a lot of rain.  This combined with a relatively small tide made me think it might be slim pickings. 

I was starting to feel pretty despondent by this stage but persevered and decided to try somewhere different.

Walked over to the wharf which I normally never fish.  Too many other people and I get sick of the ferries coming in and out.  Does anyone else get a bit self conscious when there's people watching you fish?

Anyway, so I cast in from the ferry wharf and land a cast right next to a bunch of pylons.  Before the lure hits the bottom my line starts screaming and there's some power there I've never felt before.  It swims around in circles for a bit and I manage to tighten my drag a little before it goes for a huge run out towards open water.  I'm struggling to keep it under control and I have to pass my rod over a couple of pylons and stand right on the edge of a little platform jutting out from the wharf.  A boat comes cruising past and I'm screaming at them to stop before they get caught in my line.  My rod looks like it's practically folded back on itself and I'm wondering if my 8lb line is gonna be able to take this.  The blokes in the boat stopped and watched while I kept fighting.  By this stage I've got my drag on as tight as I can get it and he's still pulling line off the reel, plunging for the bottom.

Finally I manage to turn the tables and start to gain some line as the fish tires.  One of the blokes in the boat says he reckons it's a king but I don't believe him.  Low and behold when I get him to the surface it's my first king ever!  On a Bream vibe!!

Problem.  No net.  Shit!  I was only expecting to get a flattie (maybe).  I couldn't reach down low enough to scoop him up with my handand I'm so excited I can barely hold the rod my hands are shaking so much.  Stupidly I grab the leader and try to pull him up.  Snap.  There goes my first King with a twenty dollar lure in his lip! Gutted!

Small consolation in that he wasn't anywhere near legal.  If I had to guess he would've been 50cm or so.  What a fight though!  I've never had anything like it.

So there you go - Kingfish on 8lb line with a bream lure.  I think that might be a one in a million casts fish. Pretty disappointed I didn't land it and get a photo.

Hope you all had a great long weekend fishing.  You couldn't wipe the smile off my face with a baseball bat at the moment.

Tight Lines!!

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