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21 hours ago, Rock&Beach said:

Awesome work fella. Very jealous i have not had a decent session in ages. Good on you for releasing. Cheers R&B

Cheers mate. I'm lucky I get to fish 4 or 5 nights a week, so youde expect me to get something lol.

20 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Great report mate and well done on a few nice fish there! Jew off the sand are just awesome! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

Thanks jeff, I saw a photo the other day of a big one speared in the bay recently that went 37kg. Get into em mate!


19 hours ago, Omally said:

Not bad at all been 10 years since I got a big jewie. Top effort man

Still waiting for that big one to come along..

Hopefully 2018 sees some decent fish for ya mate :) 

20 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

nice session..north coast is awesome...rick

Best session in ages rick, couldn't agree more!

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