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Hacking kings 19.1.18


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Hey raiders 

me and a mate dedicided to take the Friday off work and jump on the water in hope of some kings 

so as normal 6am on the water cruised out to cronulla drifting for squid , first cast was on the a perfect bait size squid and 3 others shortly followed 

down the coast we headed first slow troll past wedding cake rocks and around the headland into marley with not a single mark or touch , much the same on the south side of Marley then slow trolled all the way till south side of watamolla eith not a single nibble 

so decided to boost back and tryed one troll past jibbon bommy with a 50ish cm rat 

bit of excitement for the day but not ideal 

would highly appreciate any advice or spots to try for the legal king as I would love to nail a legal king in local waters 

tight lines boys! 










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We were in the same area on Friday.   After a couple of early squid we trolled lures down the coast thinking we would at least pickup something pretty easy and came up empty too.   We didn’t even mark much in the sounder. 

We ended up settling for a feed of flatties off Marley.


Id love to know the answer to that question too.

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