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Found - box of flies at Pittwater


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Hi Raiders,

A friend of mine is a volunteer at an organisation up at Pittwater and a box of saltwater fishing flies was handed in which he has passed on to me.

While I covet them for my own fly fishing I know who made some of them (someone has excellent taste), roughly what they are worth and I would like to make a genuine attempt to return them via FR without getting into the game of "guess the flies and win the prize".

I will say they are in a black box (about 300 x 200mm) and if they are yours you will know who made the box and be able to give me a pretty good breakdown of what flies are in it - I haven't taken any (yet  :D ) but I am not sure if anyone else did before it was handed in.

PM me if you believe they are yours.




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Looks like the owner has been tracked down. I know a fishing guide that sells some of the flies in the box so I gave him a call. He had a hunch who the owner might be and contacted me shortly after to tell me that the owner is a great young kid who will be very excited to get them back.

My good deed for the day.

Now just have to arrange the handover.

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