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Little Manly point


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Hey guys,

I went down to little manly point on the 20/01 in the afternoon and fished the ledge facing spring cove. I was using a chrome lure in hope of catching something, I went down again the night after from 8-10pm and my lure wasn't even touched.

I tried burleying with cat food and bread and it caused a bit of movement from smaller fish.

Am I using the right lure, or is it better to use bait?

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If you want to see some really big Blue Groper go to Middle Head down the chain to the ledges there and go as far left as you can. It's up about 15-20ft off the water so a bit high to fish exactly at the end but a nice spot to take photo's and around high tide some giant Blues come in really close. Easy to see but too cool to fish for (too big also!)

You also see them at Dobroyd  at high tide and there are plenty of Browns throughout the lower harbour.

A few years ago the police caught a bloke who speared one at the old Gasworks (little Manly). He was dobbed in by residents and was caught red-handed with the Groper wrapped up in a blanket to hide it.

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