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Pittwater blackfish - success at last


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Hi all, it's been so long since I caught anything worth reporting, I was wondering if it would ever happen again. I decided last weekend to hit a wharf on Pittwater every morning this week to fish the early high tides. I wanted to target tailor with a pilchard under a float, and bream with soft plastics. Monday morning - no action. Tuesday morning - no action, but noticed blackfish swimming around the wharf. Returned Wednesday with a blackfish outfit, but equipment failure and a lack of planning for such sent me home empty handed. Then this morning the stars aligned - I caught five fish between 25 and 30cm (dropped one as I was trying to net it) in about 90 minutes. I was about to pack up and head home a very happy fisherman, then I thought 'why not use the last of the weed?', put out a final bait and a 38cm lunker appeared - after a good fight I had a new PB. Beer-battered fillets and chips for dinner tonight. Bugger the tailor and bream!


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5 minutes ago, JAKSShark said:

Well done on those good fish mate

Isnt it funny how bream and blackfish etc even if they r only 5-10cm bigger they look way bigger than the littler ones because of weight etc

Thanks mate. Yes you're right - and the fillets from the big one are about twice the size of the fillets from the smaller fish.

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39 minutes ago, Burger said:

Well done on the PB on the ‘one last bait’!

Thanks Burger. I could see another big one down there after I caught that PB, but they had gone off the bite as the tide dropped. Next time!

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Great stuff Josh, the key to fishing (any) success is to keep trying new things.
If you keep doing the same thing, the same way you generally get the same result.

You proved this - Ludderick are a worthy challenge and if bled and eaten fresh, a great eating fish.

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Guest Guest123456789

Nice work Josh happy you scored a feed and found a new spot! Been a very long time since I fished for luderick - I think they’re great eating and fun to catch.

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