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Lake mac bream


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Fished the mouth of dora ck this morning..used mullet fillet n squid  finished with 10 bream  from 30cm to 41 cm..their a bit timid but quite a few there  also two blue swimmers on bream baits   no fotos  left fone at home  ďdoooohhhh

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got more than two over 50 j  we release all these  our biggest is 63cm my mate got it in same spot 8yrs ago  est  11lbs plus..my 58cm was gutted gilled for comp  went 3.65kg  whole it beat the old record of 8lb 4oz by n beckhouse Swansea easily  that ones mounted in Swansea pub...we have prob released a dozen over 50cm in last 4yrs..im gunna have a go there in next few weeks...rick

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