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Neutral Bay Action (LRG AUS Salmon)


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Hey Guys!!!

Last night l went out for a fish around the Neutral Bay Area, I grabbed a bunch of frozen Pillies & Prawns from the servo and made my way down.
l was lucky enough to have @DerekD come down and show me a few good tricks, from squidling basics to just casting techniques... WOW he knows a lot!!! 

On arriving we setup and got into a bit of squidling after no success for the first 15-20mins we put that aside to get the other rods setup and put some bait out there, I simply cut the tails off the pillies put a decent hook through and loop it so it doesn't come off with only a little nibble!!

After 1 hour Derek noticed my large rod had some movement, I grabbed it and got anot even five seconds later BOOM WE WERE ON!!!

The fish gave the line a great little screaming noise but after 15 mins we bought it in and @DerekD got the salmon in the net for me! YES FIRST EVER SALMON!!
"Swallowed the how rig"

After measuring it for a second time at home by laying it flat over the tape it broke the 60cm mark!!!!! Yes I couldn't wipe the smile of my face as you can see below.

On the way out I noticed some bream and quickly dropped a line it and they had a look but just simply weren't taking the bait, the Mrs started to call the phone and yes that meant TIME TO GET MYSELF HOME :( 
All in all was a fantastic achievement and defiantly a PB for my land base fishing ***Big Thankyou to @DerekD For coming down and helping me through he evening***

1.) (Running sinker method)
Rod:   Aerowave 9ft Carbon
Reel: Shimano Baitrunner 6000D
Line:  14lb 

2.) (Running sinker method)
Rod:  Shimano Beastmaster 
Reel: Abu Garcia
Line: 8lb

Shakespeare Jungle Combo (From a shop) 2-4kg Setup 
(Used this for my Jigging)

These where the conditions for last night fishing adventure

Tide Time:     7pm
Tide Hieght: 1.69m
Weather:       16 Degrees 5-7pm  / 13 Degrees 8-10pm
Sunset:          5:11pm





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