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Long time since ive posted but trying to get into the habit, so will at least put up one semi recent trip. This was july last year. This year ive mainly been doing spear fishing trips, but another highlight was a trip chasing Pacu, Dorado and Jau in the Pantanal Brazil.  I may do a post on that next. 

Anyway, highlights from this trip. *30kg GT on 20lb line with morethan branzino 3000, and Smith KGS-68m.  Caught it on the flats with a lot of luck and chasing. 

* First Green Jobfish on same gear as above. Something ive wanted to catch for more than 20 years, nearly capsized the boat with excitement

* First Jungle Perch. Landed half a dozen that day. 

Everything caught and released. 










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1 hour ago, Waza said:

How were the guns after the GT ? 

Haha mate i wanted a photo of me standing up with the fish but i was so wrecked i couldnt even pick it up.  And im a bug guy at 145kg/6’5, so it shouldnt be that hard to pick up 30kg. They had to sit it on my lap for the photo and even in one the photos you can see if fallibg forward. Took everything to just lift it back up! You can see the strain on my face haha

But who wouldnt just go straight back in for number two though!!

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