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How do you divide up a large block of frozen bait


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Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for how to divide up a large block of frozen bait.

Reason I ask is because I often buy the Lunds squid in 5lb boxes. I use about one third of that per fishing trip, so I usually divide them up into three with a saw while still frozen. Because the squid was small and packed across the box I was mainly ‘cutting between the squid’ so there wasn’t much wastage.

Now the new season Lunds Squid is in the shops. It’s in a bright yellow box now and $6 dearer. The quality of the squid looks amazing, but they are about twice the size and packed along the box, and they don’t lie neatly parallel like before. Now regardless of whether I cut along or across the box I end up destroying most of the squid.

I don’t want to partially defrost the squid and refreeze it - destroys the advantage of the product.

Is there something I’m missing. What do others do?


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4 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

Individually quick frozen

You got it Rick 😉

They do WA pilchards in IQF but I havent seen squid, not saying it doesnt exist?

It would be nice if they still did the blocks with some plastic film between them in a couple of layers so then you could shatter the pack easier which would help.

When we buy 5kg of squid tubes in the foodservice industry that's how it comes, 4 layers & easy to shatter & just take 1kg.

Bait squid ain't much cheaper than food grade really so would be nice to see the same effort put in!

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There are normally 1lb blocks of Lunds Squid available, just not at the moment. The 5lb blocks are available. 

For those who don’t know, Lunds Squid comes from the US and is hi-tec quick frozen at sea, not left kicking around a boat hold in an ice slurry like the local product. That’s why it’s in a different league to the local product if you’re after fish that are normally reluctant to take a dead bait.

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acquire a chinese vegetable chopper.Go out to gutter or other suitable hard surface,place chopper on squid block aligning with "grain" of squid so they stay whole,bash with a piece of wood,e g a 30cm piece of 4 x 2. Its quick,easy,non defrosted and squid mainly stay whole.I think fish like the pong/stink of Cali squid.Good luck.

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As mentioned by many, drop the block flat side on flat concrete. You may want to lay down an old towel or two and maybe put whateber block it is you are dropping in a heavy duty plastic bag or garbage bag. The concrete often scuffs through the plastic bait bags pretty quickly and the bait gets damaged, can scatter everywhere and make a mess. You want to minimise how much you touch the bait with fingers or knives or anything as is will probably damage it as mentioned. I buy good quality frozen hawkesbury prawns in kilo bags. I drop the bag on the concrete a few times gently and it loostens them all up, then i put them in one of those Sistema clip lock (with the rubber seal) tupperware style containers from the supermarket. I have a big bulk one in the freezer and take what i need each trip in a smaller one. On occasion If i need a handful of whitebait or prawns from the bait shop on the way to the ramp i get the guy to put them in a container so i dont have newspaper and plastic bag waste, plus it doesnt leak. 

I also smash my pilchard blocks at home and put the loose pilliies in a big clip seal container for easy access on the water so i dont have any thawing and leaking bait bags in the esky.  Or have to thaw the whole block to use a few at a time.


If you find a type of clip seal container you really trust they are good for gulp lures and gulp juice too. But test the container is sealed fit for purpose first. Noone like the trademark cat piss smell of gulp juice through the tackle bag, boat, car or shed.

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On 12/17/2019 at 1:46 PM, steeevooo said:

Have been looking for Lunds squid but haven't spotted it at any of my usual tackle shops.
Anyone know who stocks it?

I'm on the Northern Beaches, maybe I need to venture out of the area?

Bit late but the camp and boat and fishing shop at Belrose have them now just came from the shop.


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