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Port stephens


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Hi just a quick report we went up the port last week.We done two trips to Broughton but had trouble catching live baits the few that we got were demolished  by a couple of sharks im assuming so i trolled a few lures around and landed a couple of little kings other then that we got a few flatties. So day 3 we decided to head south and had a crack of Birubi i flicked a few plastics around and my wife fished some squid and prawns on a dropper rig she landed a few baby snapper and a couple of flatties again. After a couple hours we decide to troll the coast line back hooking up and landing half a dozen or so Bonnies.Then on the last morning we decided to put the boat in one last time for a couple of hours and drift around the bay for a feed of flathead we didnt get any but i was pretty happy when i hooked up this nice  snapper out in front of Corlette in 8m of water on a piece of squid he measured up at 69cm.We also had a crack at catching some squid around shoalbay and jimmys beach but couldnt get any takers only a few followers i think our jigs might have been a bit big.

Overall reasonably quiet week on the fish  but still beats working.



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