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Port Stephens- Monday special


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Gday raiders,

Just a quick report from Monday. 

Headed out with @back cruncher and the plan was to go for a quick snapper flick and then spend a few hours chasing marlin. 
Well the first part went to plan and we loaded up with slimies and hit the island. A couple of drifts and Mick comes up tight and lands a nice snapper in the 50’s. Then it was my turn and I loaded up to a bit of a screamer and managed one in the high 70’s. Then lost another not soon after. Changed locations and caught a couple of panniers released. Then it was time to start the next part of the plan. Headed wide about 7nm offshore and the water started to get colder. Somewhere in the 19deg mark. Not good and did put any lures out as we were looking for warmer water. Couldn’t find any, so we headed back to island and did a few really slow drifts for no result. 
Thought we’d take a different tact and drop a paternoster rig and try find some trag but we kept coming up with barracuda. 
Left soon after the last cuda and was back at the ramp by midday. Ran into a few people at the ramp and they said they found good water and marlin to the south! Damn!!! 
Still a nice day on the water and Mick and I took home a feed. 
Sorry no pics just yet as my phone had a meltdown. 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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4 minutes ago, rickmarlin62 said:

There always in a different spot hey jeff   hopefully the water will push down again   swr is quite   so might be two weeks till we get better water

Yeah Rick! In hindsight, I should have known that but every boat I go on seems to have an automatic left hand turn as we go out the heads! Lol 😂 

We still managed some good snapper so happy with that! 

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Hi scratchie I was wondering if you were still chasing reds, good to here you & @back cruncher got a couple of good ones, while having a flick off the Avoca ledge on Monday saw a free jumper slashing around for a feed & then heard yesterday that a few were sited in 50m just south of broken bay, hopefully another batch of warm water push’s through soon👍

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50 minutes ago, Yowie said:

Good work on the reds. Can always find the marlin another day.

Looking at what is forecast, it will be a bit bumpy for a few days or more.

Thanks yowie! I’m not bothered by the forecast as I’m out for a couple of weeks with kids sport anyway. 😢

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