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Murray river


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Had a night camped by the Murray near Echuca. Caught some shrimps and used them live. Fished couple of hours late afternoon and a bit less the next morning. Landed 5 small cod a small silver perch and 3 carp. I was surprised at small number of carp.20200223_154632.thumb.jpg.5830f43de42b009348c45e8a138ecdce.jpg

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2 hours ago, Blackfish said:

Geez you get around Bruce, lucky buggar.

Nice fish too.

Weekend before last we went to Culburra fished the river it was filthy . Did manage some fish on the rising tide. Also got more bream and blackfish day before.

Heading to Weipa Sept 4 to 18th might be a spot available


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Nice one Bruce. Good to see that you didn't get many Carp. Similar situation in the Murrumbidgee River...it may be that there are really good stocks of Cod and they may be helping keep the Carp numbers down. I reckon that the Cod in the picture featured in wcurralls post is a hybrid (cross between a Murray Cod and a Trout Cod).

Nice haul from your trip to Culburra too. What's the dark fish on the front right of your picture?

Cheers, bn

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I’m definitely no expert in this case but I agree with other posts that the fish look like trout cod from the pics I’ve seen of them. Either way interesting captures and agree with Big Neil good to hear that there were few carp.

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