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COVID - 19 links to Australian Government and WHO websites

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In an effort to ensure raiders are getting reliable and informative information I have started this pinned post. I am an RN and a credentialed Health Informatician (CHIA) and am able to source reliable and credible information regarding our healthcare systems and where to go to find information. 

I thought I may be able to help raiders with presenting the information. I will not be expressing my opinion but helping others to find what they need to know. 

There is a lot of negative and totally unreliable and misleading information being shared on social media from "armchair epidemiologists" and "google healthcare professionals".

Here is the official Australian Department of Health website. This is the single source of truth about the event and what is happening here in Australia.



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There is now an app for smartphones called Coronvirus (COVID-19) app

Get it installed on your phone and it has all the information you need


There are also telehealth services becoming available as of tomorrow 30/3/2020 - see fact sheet attached.





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t’s really great to see the GP’s have jumped into Telehealth so quickly.
I normally use 2 apps to book appts for dr visits.
For the moment during this pandemic and the public health orders we can have phone consults if concerned particularly chronically ill.

Here are screenshots of the 2 I use and how the menus now look.

Well done to the RACGP to assist GP’s to do this so quickly.

Download these apps on the App Store or Google Play or find the one your GP or specialist is using. 

A raider just messaged me to say her Cardiologist’s secretary called to let her know that the specialist will call her tomorrow so she doesn’t have to leave the house. 

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NSW is now pretty much in lockdown - announcements today by the Premier dealt with heavy fines and/or jail terms for those not following the public orders. 

Raiders here is the DPI website link - if you go to the bottom "can I go fishing?" you can read 

Initially there was incorrect information on the above link which has since been removed by DPI



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Here are a few other ways that State and other jurisdictions are dealing with the Public Orders 










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2 hours ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

From NSW DPI this afternoon


The added information posted on the DPI website this afternoon has been removed and it now is back to this below. No wonder people are getting very confused.  

CAN I GO FISHING?an I go fishing I go fishing?

From 31 March 2020, you must stay at home, unless you are going to:

  • work and education (where you can’t work remotely)
  • shop for food and essentials
  • medical needs or the care of others
  • exercise.

More information is available from the NSW Government COVID-19 webpage.

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17 minutes ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

Ok everyone you will see the DPI site has again been updated as was posted a few hours ago. 

This would be because of this latest change issued at 4.36pm today. 

It says you can fish but they don't want you to go on a road trip and fish half the day.

  It takes me around an hour to get to any ramp i use and I do fish half the day or night.It is still fishing though isn't it?

  Ps.I only fish with my wife and son ever and I don't mix with anyone at the ramp or on the water for that matter.When I go at night We are lucky to see 3 other people if that.

  Who can clarify?


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1 hour ago, Fab1 said:

It says you can fish but they don't want you to go on a road trip and fish half the day.

I don’t think anyone can make it clear @Fab1

We all need to make our own personal decision whether we need to go fishing or not. 
Discussion will not get consensus. It may even cause a wedge between those that follow the orders to stay at home unless absolutely essential to go out and those that go fishing. 


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