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58 minutes ago, tryhard said:

Any one know the story?

Yeh, the captain made a very expensive mistake :whistling:


Could have broken from a mooring or from anchor, whatever the story it hurts just looking at it! 

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On 6/8/2020 at 2:52 PM, tryhard said:

Seems endemic!

Another one on the rocks at Fig Tree point!




This is a common occurrence here. At high tide the starboard marker is around 50m from shore and it can blend in with the bush across the bay, LOTS of boats don't see it and bingo !!!

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I read or heard somewhere that the Grotto Point incident, the boat was being driven at the time by a woman in her 80’s. 

Can’t find anything to confirm or negate.   Appears to have taken an expensive short cut. 

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