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Sydney Main Harbour Activity

James  Clain

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Didn't catch much but if you have a boat this will be helpful for you. There are lots of salmon and kings busting up in between Clarke island and goat island in the main harbour. They were taking downrigged live yakkas all we could do was watch as the boats cleaned up. Bustups came close but just out of casting range of landbased. However my mate who was fishing with us decided to travel on to milsons point rock ledge while the rest of out friend group stopped at Kiribilli to try at some blackfish. First drop for the blackfish and I get a very intense phone call to say that there are about 20 very large kings at Milsons point. They didn't take a slimswim but smashed a 200mm halco popper straightaway, the whole school apparently turned and competed for the lure (we like to fish with big poppers because on the odd occasion you do get a fish the take is crazy and the fish will be large). 

I hope the information is beneficial to some raiders keen to get out there and smash the fish while us landbased fishos watch you. 

Here is my mates hookup, unfortunately the hooks pulled but it was certainly a very large fish. (Btw that rod is pe16) 


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