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Mann River


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We had a last minute cancellation of the bass comp we were supposed to be fishing on the weekend, so we decided to go camp overnight somewhere new. We headed out from Grafton to a spot I'd found on the Mann river it was a longway out but unfortunetly it was packed with people and terrible river access, we headed back to the caravan park at Jackadgerry to try and salvage what was left of our weekend. The camp area and river are connected by a 4x4 track so we took the car down and set up to spend the rest of the day there, we left the kids to do whatever it is they do and Amy and I got to casting. 


The river was quite impressive and looked the goods but the fishing started really slow. It took a lot of casts but eventually my spinnerbait gets nailed after the hit and fight I couldn't believe how small the bass was


still a fish and after over an hour of nothing it was a good boost to our confidance, literally next cast I'm on again this fish I immediately called for a cod and sure enough a beautiful eastern was bedise the yak


never disapointed to see one of these guys 


went 49cm and was released after a quick snap. After that I headed back to the shore for a beer and a swim to cool down. 

We got back on the yaks later in the arvo hoping the fish might come on the bite. Didn't take long for Amy to yell out and I look over to see her getting stretched and she broke her doughnut with a good quality bass 


a nice 42cm model and in top condition. We started focusing our efforts on the deeper water where we assumed it was cooler and it wasn't long before I get a teeth shattering hit, I still can't believe how hard it went on a baitcaster I use for jacks


went 46cm on the measure and again awesome condition,

Amy headed around a corner and I kept peppering a likely looking section put in plenty of casts before again my spinnerbait gets slammed had no doubt this one was a cod 


went 54cm 


love watching them swim off

Headed around the corner towards Amy and casting an area she had fruitlessly flogged I get another fish


only a small cod but he had serious attitude drenching me twice


Amy couldn't catch a break with numerous miss hits with her patience wearing thin I thought I'd make her feel better by catching another fish in front of her, the hit was insane pulling drag and playing deep and giving me absolute grief getting it up I called it for a big cod and was surprised to see a bass


I was surpirsed when it only measured 45cm, it was abit stumpy but really deep and thick a real quality fish to finish the session. We'll definetly be fishing the Mann river again in the not to distant future and hopefully head further upstream to find some more remote water. 

cheers for reading 




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Good session there Dave and Amy. It's always good to catch a fish but (to me), the beauty of lure fishing is the anticipation that each cast has the POTENTIAL to produce. As you know, hooking up may be the easy part, particularly in real snaggy areas. Thanks for another great report with some excellent photos. bn

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