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Losing a brand new reel and rod

little fisho

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Currently very tired on the way home so i will get right into the story.


After a slow morning spinning off the rocks near cobblers beach, i gave up and started floating pillies while sitting down and resting, before i knew it i got a big down, but missed the hookup so i rebaited and cast again. noticing that a guy spinning some way down from me had hooked up, i realised that a school was coming down on us, so i put my rod down and went to wake up my sleeping friend and before i knew it-must not have even been 5 seconds-i hear my rod sliding off the rocks, panicking i frantically called to my friend to grab his rod and try to snag it, but alas it was zooming off into the water already. i chased it down and attempted to call on some kayakers to no avail, and eventually lost sight of it about 100m away. lesson learned for now, but if any raiders happen to spot a brand new daiwa legalis 5000 spooled with bright orange braid floating around somewhere between balmoral and sydney heads i would be extremely glad to be reunited with it.

thanks tor reading



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I learnt the hard way that you NEVER put down a rod with the line in the water unless it's in a rod holder and cant get taken. Mine is in the water just North of Lion Island, oh and another one by some fish traps off Port Stephens and the final one out near Long Reef wide. 🙂
Now I always use clips on my rods in the boat... The lesson was finally learned.

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My youngest daughters boyfriend sold most of his fishing gear to get two outfits to travel around Oz with. One was a bream outfit with a $650 reel and $300 rod. He headed out on the lake 4 days ago and hadn't ever even cast the outfit before when he knocked it with the paddle and over it went.

I made a dredge with around 10 large trebles and had two rods weighted with weighted trebles and have spent at least 30hrs dragging the area with no luck. The lad is devastated, especially given he's never owned such a high end outfit until now. 

The lake is brown still from rains and the bottom mud, so I can't even dive it.

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So sorry to hear this mate - I lost one near Blue fish point a few weeks ago, like Gordo said - a clip and cord is good insurance, 

I found this one this week in the harbour and put it on one of the drum naval bouys for the owner to pick up.


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Man that is a hard pill to swallow.

I have had amazing luck with 2 rods that went overboard.

The first one was an ugly stik I built myself - baitcaster with a shimano bantam baitcaster reel. I used it only a couple of times when I placed it against the gunwale of my boat. Well it went flying over so fast, but me being young at the time, I had cat-like reflexes and I lunged at it with the skill of a world glass goal-keeper. I grabbed it by the butt and dragged it back in. Well from that point on my brother called be the butt-grabber. This was near lion Island and the fish was a mack tuna.

But only a couple of trips later, HE cast a baited rod over and forgot to keep a hold of the rod butt. Over it went and I hassled him about needing to HOLD ONTO the butt. Well I cast in another rod trying to snag it (but I REMEMBERED to hold onto the butt) and I actually caught his rod and brought it up... This was at Watts reef. True story

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On 2/14/2021 at 4:12 PM, blaxland said:

I know the feeling and strange enough its always the newest or the favourite that disappears.



ingot my first ever decent set up spent $300 and lost it out of the rod holder in the boat when a tanker and a 40ft cruises wave. Hit me on all sides

the cheap arse Kmart rod and reel stayed put.

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