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Weekend of kings


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Hit the water with @dlvbwon Saturday  at the civilised hour of 3pm. (He does not like the early starts too much). We filled the tank with lollipop livies and headed to the fads. Only micro Dollies around and not eating out baits so threw some plastics and hooked/landed one but they were hard to tempt. With a load of livies on board we headed to long reef and set up a burley trail. Every bait that went down got smacked and we boated around 12 fish, landing one legal and losing a few as I moved to the lighter gear. We emptied the livie tank as quick as we had filled it and stripped the last 2 large yakka to get a few more hook ups. By catch included some decent snapper, with a good one dropped at the boat.



We pulled up around 8 and a great run back to the ramp. washed the gear at home and repacked for a morning session on the stones. I have been struggling to get a decent king in the boat lately and saw some bigger ones come across the ledges so I was in the spot before first light. I love spinning gar and was rewarded for my efforts with a fat 80 model. The only fish landed from the ledge that morning. Great to have a close quarters battle with a fighter! Photo added in post below. Tight lines 

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Always a pleasure Ev. We had family plans change at the last minute so it worked out pretty well in the end. It was pretty awesome coming back into the harbour in pitch black and seeing the city all lit up! Can't wait to do it again......need to find some metreys! 

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