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what weather app?


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Hi guys and girls,


I was wondering what weather app everyone used to plan a days boating/ fishing.


right now I use willy weather- I live in Dee Why and usually fish around broken bay etc.


Saturday Dee Why showed a 3m swell, which it was, but once past the breakers it looked flat as a tack..... I would have quite easily gone out through Pittwater and got to some flat water.


so I ask, am I using the app wrong, is there a location I can use to see the swell out a bit wider?



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Hi Mate - i use seabreeze. 

But i dont think any app is going to solve your mystery.

Whether or not there will be calm water at a certain location is really dependant on what the swell and wind is doing on the day. 

Imagine fishing Putty beach on a day where there is a 3m swell is heading south - the water infront of Putty beach will be calm and standing there you could (incorrectly) question the accuracy of the forecast.

The same beach in a swell heading north will probably experience the full freight of the 3m swell right as it is no longer protected. 

If you can spend your time getting your head wrapped around how conditions will affect a specific location then you will get a lot better fishing time.

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I could be wrong as I am no weather/sea expert but to me swell increases as it approaches land mass so closer to the coast the swell will increase & tidal flow will also play a part, especially near heads/bay entrances.


I think once you get further out then it can be more a factor of wind chop interacting with incoming swell that makes it uncomfortable


I also use seabreese.

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Owners of our forum are Deckee

Deckee is fast becoming THE app for boaters and fishos. It is the weather and boating app of choice for NSW, WA and Tasmania government bodies. 

Apart from the usual weather stuff (all from BOM) there are many other features.

All raiders please download it https://deckee.com/download/ 

Raiders will be asked about what other fishing specific things we would like to see in the app. We are all fishos and have vast experience amongst our community. Have a look and get your suggestions ready. We may be having an online gathering to give the suggestions :) 

You will see @Scratchie is an ambassador and a few others from FR will appear.  






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The Deckee app, I’ve actually been watching it and making observations in real time. Especially when it comes to wind and swell conditions in my area. 
I have to say it’s been a lot closer in predictions than some of the other weather sites. 
Combine that with some of its other functionality and its a great app to have! 

You can also find my “Story Marker” on there and see where I am and/or what I’ve been up too! 
Just type in in the search bar! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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I use willy weather first as it has a nice graph that easily shows me 7 days in advance if its going to be windy or not.  

Judging by the pic of cairns, I would say sunday is going to be better than saturday.




Then I go to the BOM marine wind forecast webpage. They dont have an app which sucks and makes it a bit more time consuming to study.




Saturday was showing dark blue on BOM which is 10-15 knots, sunday is showing white/light blue (above) which is 0-5/5-10 knots.

Sometimes it doesnt always work out like this, sometimes Willy will say sunday is better and I check BOM and BOM says saturday is better.  In which case I would choose BOM over Willy.  Willy is just used to take a real quick look at the week ahead.  I also use Willy for tides as it has the same nice to read graphs I can quickly glance at and see where high and low tide are.


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The majority of other weather services or apps all pretty much base their predictions on the BOM data/forecasts.


The only thing I find with BOM is you have to visit multiple pages to get similar if not better detail you can from other services like seabreeze on 1 page.

I think BOM is a bit behind the times in their user interface compared to other services.

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1 hour ago, savit said:

This seems very complex for the average fisho really. Might be good for a budding meteorologist 🤔 I have not heard of this app. 

Just another point we have all the different links to weather information and platform on our fishraider Links list 👏



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11 hours ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

This seems very complex for the average fisho really. Might be good for a budding meteorologist 🤔 I have not heard of this app. 

Most people that I know on the forum are better than average fishos 😉 . But I do agree with you that those articles are not for everyone. 

The Fish Ranger is Aussie / VIC startup/project that has been active since 2016, and once they survived only due to fishos donations. The founder has been active on other Aussie fishing forums explaining the differences between weather apps / forecasting models. I am not promoting them, and not affiliated with them (and sometimes was giving them quite critical reviews on this forum), however they do have passion for both weather forecasting and fishing - which is rare.

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+1 for Deckee 

I also use Willy and the Bom app but for a detailed report , charts and radar I have the BOM website saved as a favourite in safari .

Surfline is another one I use and although it is not really a weather app I find it useful for checking out the beaches even though it cost me about $90 a year 😩 

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