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Recent advantures - Feb and March 2021


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A few piccies from my guided estuary and beach fishing classes on the central coast (Narara Creek and Broken Bay)

We have had a great season  so far with some real stonkers coming in and number of bigger fish lost - but thats fishing!


Enjoy the piccies


Tight lines and screaming drags








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10 minutes ago, GordoRetired said:

I see that you are keeping the Dart, what are they like to eat?

They are same as Trevally but not quite as much meat but taste pretty much the same. I reckon they are pretty good but you need a few good sized ones to make a feed

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Thanks everyone for your comments and likes - the smiles say it all... and this is one of the reasons I love being a fishing guide on the beautiful central coast (besides I get to drop a line in at my favourite locations and also get amongst a few fish).


The things I teach in class are pretty basic- rod and reel selection, line, leaders, tying rigs and putting the bait on the hook aswell as some guidance on casting and what to look for which all increase my clients knowledge so they can continue where I left off and catch their own fish using techniques I learnt as a kid who was taught by my grandfather fishing the same areas.

We hope to soon as bait colecting classes later this year and specifically breach worms and nippers will be most of what we will be teaching people - I need to get my worm-on as I havent caught beach worms for nearly 30years so I am very rusty, but I am looking forward to the challenge so I can share this with others


I have to admit not much beats the buzz I get from watching some newbies pick up new skills and use those to catch some great fish - but as any fisho knows nothing beats catching your own fish.


Hopefully I can get some more reports up in the future and we will see how my return clients have progresses - keep you eye out for young gun Cody (10yo with the bream in this thread)... He is a natural fisho and has learned a LOT in class and can put this all into catching stonker fish regularly from the local creek... This kid will be coming to beach classes with me in the new few months and we hope he can progress to using lures and catching Bass and EP along with flathead from around the local areas.


Tight lines everyone





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