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Raiders great day out - Flathead, bream and Jewies in the Hawkesbury


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Raider “Hugh”  sent a message last week to get together and celebrate end of restrictions with a fishing session with his young fella “Theo”. We set either Thursday or Friday as the date, as the prediction was for rain and wind early in the week looked accurate. I’m glad we settled on Friday as Thursday was a shocker - wind, rain including thunderstorms and hailstorms.

Friday was looking good in the morning, but unsettled in the arvo, so decided on local, rather than the harbour chasing Kingies, another good call as one of my buddies went to Brooklyn and was forced in early due to crook conditions.

Using live prawns, we caught the runout tide at Webb’s creek, then down to Wisemans. Total catch for the day was a bit disappointing, but we ended up with a feed of flathead (3 keepers) and a nice bream of 38cm. And junior Raider “Theo” was excited to bag his first ever Jewfish - one at 39 and 42cm - released of course, but fun on light bream gear.

Although not a report to “write home about”, the fellowship was great and it’s always a joy to get young blokes (and gals) out fishing - memories in the making.



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Hey MacLon, I’ve got a mate who owns a prawn trawler and I get them off him (still kicking). I have scooped them up in the mouth of the Colo on a runout tide when there is new moon (dark) though.

Most of the operators will sell them to fishos if you have a bucket and pay cash, but if you approach when they are trawling they (understandably) get upset, so have to wait till nets are up and they’ve finished their run (can mean quite a wait)

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