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Mixed bag Monday


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Tragedy on Sunday evening, I was not able to secure a tee time in my usual Monday golf comp, what do I do now ! ! !. Check the weather forecast and things started to look up, Monday was looking like a reasonable day to put the boat in, it was looking like the best day all week, so a plan was hatched. Fishing it was.
Now I was hoping to be able to title this report Snapper time take 3 but it was not to be.

I launched the boat around 6.30 and headed to my favorite live bait spot, in went one of my home made burly bombs, more on that later, and soon had a decent school of Yakkas at the boat, 4 into the live bait tank which was all I wanted and then headed out to Long Reef.
Get to an area known as The Wall. In with the bait and soon hooked up a Pike, knocked it on the head and into the bait bucket, this was followed shortly after by another so that went to bait too. After a while all I seemed to be attracting was pickers so moved to a spot know as Jurassic Snapper. Whoever named it needs to rethink, not a Snapper in sight. However by then I had seen a few whales, one of them doing the big jump and splash routine. I never tire of seeing those majestic creatures.

So it was time to head just wide of the reef and see if there were any Flathead around. This is when I finally started to catch some fish on the drift. Over the next couple of hours I pulled in a big Leather Jacket 40+cm, one of the biggest I have seen, a good Morwong which put up quite a respectable fight, a Snapper, barely legal so threw it back, a Nannygai, a decent Pig Fish, a couple of large Yakka, used them for bait, and 5 decent Flathead. Main bait I was using was the trusty Pillie, however most of the better fish took either chunks of Pike or Yakka. They always say that fresh is best.

Around 1.30 the wind started to pick up so headed back in with a nice feed of fish. 

This time I did not throw back the Pig Fish and and have to report that they make damn fine eating. I filleted it and then grilled it with a little butter, salt and pepper. Sweet white flesh that tasted great. No more of those going back if I catch them 🙂 




I mentioned my home made Burley bombs, made some more of those yesterday. Cleaned out the bait freezer and had all sorts of old Pillies, Yakkas, some out of date mince, old bolognese and some chook pellets that had been soaking in Tuna oil. Put all that lot through the blender along with 3 loaves of bread, added water and more Tuna oil, then bagged it up. By the time I was finished I think I have enough Burley bombs for at least 15 live baiting sessions.






Tight lines all.



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