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Finally found the trevs


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For the last few months I've been exploring my new home system (Hastings), I've been doing ok but I've been searching for the northern species being trevs and jacks. 

Hit the water for an early start with my mate Ben, we ventured upriver and started where we finished last time, the tide was dead low and jelly prawns everywhere. Within 5 minutes of starting the jelly prawns were getting shredded I suspected trevs, it took awhile but finally a bust up came in range, my plastic was eaten on hitting the water, called a trev straight away and sure enough


A small big-eye to get the session started, Ben wasted no time and also landed a big-eye

FB_IMG_1636511260358.jpg.4c4bfc76bc92c27190c592f37e99a723.jpghis first ever trev

With confidance up, we went to town with the casting, I landed a few bream mostly small but a few reasonable fish


And a flathead 


The fishing wasn't red hot, plenty of hits but not a lot of hook ups, eventually I pinned another trev


I'd firgotton how hard big -eye's go for their size.

I managed to hook onto a much bigger trev which eventually wore through my leader, still exciting.

We went a lot further upriver than either of us had ever been, with time running out Ben finished the session with a nice bream


And I called the session with some prime snaggy bank ahead


..... that's for next time

Cheers for reading



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