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First Post and hi


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Hi guys

Long time lurker first time poster Today!

My names Ben I am in Sydney (north west). Through your awesome forum and some youtube videos i have began my foray into soft plastics fishing. Having been using bait for a long time I am pumped to start practicing and get better at this.

Sorted myself out a beginners rod, reel and kit.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the people on here, as you offer a lot of great information


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New members always welcome and thanks for introducing yourself.

Sure you will enjoy your time here and probably end up meeting a lot of members, In a way it's more like a great big family rather than being just a lot of people that talk with each other.


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Great intro & praise for the FR community, from a previous fellow lurker many moons ago, I found like you there is a great knowledge base that is more than willing to share & as @frankSstated it’s more like a big family, hope to see plenty of posts on your new venture with plastics 

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