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Ending an 11 year drought


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Hit the Camden river for the reel it in flathead challenge with a mate Tom.

The flathead fishing was tough as always whenever I want to catch them.

I've never fished the Camden before so I was under Tom's guidance for spots, after a couple of miniscule tailor, I made a wise crack about hooking a school of cow rays and seconds later Tom was on, it was a hell of a fight


It actually ate the plastic, an interesting start, we worked out way along the river for a few small flathead we came along to a deep rockwall and changed tactics to small soft vibes, Tom pulled thd hooks on a presumed jewie, with the current raging we continued on

Not far along my soft vibe gets thumped it was a good fight in heavy current before a nice bream was in the net


a nice mid 30's fish.

The fishing got very slow when the tide started to slow we made a plan to stop back on the deep rockwall before shooting home.

The tide was much slower and Tom's second cast he was nailed, we rightly called a jewie unfortunately it fell off beside the net. With Tom gutted he sucked it up and kept casting and again he was on this time tye fish found the net


a beautiful little jewie, the first I've seen in many years, jealousy wad burning.

I kept my resolve despite a couple of miss hits  the fish were sitting under the boat and hitying a vertical action, and finally my rod loads up, I  had no doubt of the culprit, it was an incredibly nervous fight 


So relieved when it went in the net, only small but my first jewie in 11 years and 2 days, it actually happened 🤯

We had a few more hits but couldn't keep the hooks in, but every Dave fishing session has to finish with a trev


We called it on a high with the weather closing in, hopefully more jewies to come soon

Cheers for reading


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2 minutes ago, Isaac Ct said:

Nice job @dirvin21, waiting 11 years and 2 days for another Jew is a long time but when you finally caught one it must've made it 10x more satisfying, cracker bream as well. Well done!!

I was frothing, I've caught 4 times more jacks on the MNC than jewies, they're my nemesis fish 

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