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Forgot it was a public holiday but nice whiting saves the day!


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I must have been feeling relaxed lately, in holiday mode as I assumed today was back to normal with maybe a whole lot of people back at work. I realised I had it wrong when I was driving to the ramp at 6am and parking was all gone! Checked and whoops today was another public holiday. Launched and headed around to chase a few squid as I already collected nippers yesterday. Got a few smaller models in the bag by 7am and my son-in-law who was staying over texted me to come and join me so I picked him up nad we headed over to the flats to chase some whiting. With a massive tide rolling in the fish seemed to be spread far and wide with us only picking up 2 keepers in an hour or so. Headed around to another area flooded with the tide and picked up a few more but mostly undersized. On the run home we trolled a couple of nippers behind the boat with the electric and my son in law's rod bends over, after a short fight a thumping whiting comes aboard measuring 42cm (his first ever whiting and a nice PB to start the account😁). We were being beckoned to come home and go and get some fish and chips with the family but we decided the catch deserved a beer batter cook up. After a quick fillet job it was beer battered fish and calamari with a couple of coldies for lunch. Happy new year!

Michael Whiting.jpg

Beer Battered fish and calamari.jpg

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Yep,public holiday.Here at work tonight all night bored out of my scone.At least the triple time and a half will come in handy for the 12 hour shift I guess.Nice write up,fish and photo.

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16 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

That looks far better then shop bought fish! :1gathering:

Yep, never know how fresh shop bought fish is...this was exquisite:)

15 hours ago, motiondave said:

awesome stuff. 

where did you launch from?

and public holiday, yep, I mowed the lawns and went and bought some consumables in fishing gear, I think Id rather would have gone out.....

Launched from Wally's Wharf.....parked at the top of the hill:(

13 hours ago, masterfisho7 said:

That.s one top report supper photos and that. s one top fish well done 


13 hours ago, Yowie said:

Nice plate of fillets and squidlies.

Tomorrow is not a public holiday Rob. 😁

Yowie, that's why you weren't out there right? Bet you are out today instead:)

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