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Went to Forster for a couple of weeks always great we caught heaps of fish from the break wall to the fad . So much bait up there to from where I live there where bonito at most places and yellowtail when ever u wanted them .we caught dollies , jewfish ,flathead , bream and  whiting and mud crabs . After a couple of days we didn’t even take bait with us as we knew we would catch it plus catch fish on lures as well . Fishing the wall for the Jews was hard work as most just ran straight for the wall and broke u off but occasionally u would win . The river fished well as always and water so clear we fished the weed edges for flathead and bream . Can’t wait to go back



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47 minutes ago, Isaac Ct said:

Sounds like an awesome trip mate, well done. A bit of variety with the fish you caught as well.

Tks would of posted more pics but would nt let me it was great 

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14 minutes ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

Fun fishing 🎣🐟

Beautiful pic of the Mahi Mahi. Great colour when you first pull them up 

Yup first time catching them they are a great fish 

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21 hours ago, The Rev said:

Thanks for the report - I will be there in a few days time and will be fishing out of Foster for a few days. thanks for the intel.  the Rev

Bonito between the wall and Bennett’s head if u looking for bait 

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3 hours ago, Crabstar said:

Heading up there from Thursday next week, trying for a Jew off the breakwall myself!!!

We noticed when tide was slack we didn’t get any but when it just starts running they turned on 

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