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Hey Guys

Just a quick one to hopefully cheer people up some with all this crazy shit going on around us, keep on smiling, try and be nice and help ya mates if that’s all we can do….

Darwin wet season has just been ok so far with no rain in between some small monsoon periods, but as always more rain needed (unlike down south) to get the flood plains run off really flowing.

The coastal creeks have not yet fired but still some good fish to be got, with hours of casting and trolling, dodging storms, sweating like a biatch in 99% humidity just to wake up some bid girls.

This weeks efforts landed a 65 and a 90.

Hang in there guys.





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Thanks Wildcat spot on - we all need a cheer up at the moment and a couple of good fish does the trick!

I'm hanging out for my trip to Weipa this July after missing out over the past 2 years thanks to covid, so hope to get a few of these pink eyes then.



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