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Last port Stephen’s Trip - Flathead

The Rev

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Quick report fellow Fishraiders,

On my last fishing day up here at Hawkes Nest, I had hoped to get outside to target snapper on soft plastics. Unfortunately the wind and swell were up as we approached Tomaree headland as the sun started to rise. No problem- plan B was to try new spots inside with soft plastics. 

We ended up catching 6 Flathead and 1 Watsons leaping Bonito. All fish were legal sized, we kept 5 Flathead that were over 40cm for dinner. While the water was still dirty, it had improved somewhat from last week.


The Rev


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1 hour ago, big Neil said:

Good job Rev, those Watson's Bonito are a very pretty looking fish. I've never seen one before.


I agree- but it is even better bait so unfortunately for the fish it came home with me!

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