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Musings from a beginner fisho!!


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Hi fellow raiders,

This isn't a report of one fishing sessions but rather a collection of outings and reports from my last few months. I find myself writing this as I think its important for those newer or coming back to fishing to not give up on the fishing journey and/or wanting to better their skill sets. Now last year I really wanted to get involved and try lure fishing. I had no idea what our how to do things so I started reading things and came across this forum. Then.......

Way back in January I reached out to @DerekD over the course of a number of sessions he taught me the nuances of casting distance and accuracy, top-water lures, working blades, working SP, working squid jigs, crank baiting and you name it he has probably given me some input on the topic. His tuition and reference have provided me with an excellent base as to improve and further my skills, I can be somewhat obsessed with improving and getting better at something.

During February and March I have been hitting the drumoyne/fivedock, pittwater and northern beaches aimed at improving my casting , retrieving techniques and overall wanting to become a better fisho!!

Being slightly obsessed this meant getting out when the weather was crap, or trying different spots that were crap and sometimes combining the two. But I was determined to get better

Some sessions were donut sessions, but I always managed to learn or improve something on every session.

I guess if I could some up some takeaways they would be

  • persevere you're only going to get better by keeping your fishing going
  • if you can get a session with a mentor take it, they will drastically improve your learning time.
  • be versatile, even though top-water fishing is so damn addictive if they aren't biting switch it up i.e throw crankbait in or a blade
  • if you can fish different areas as this will increase your knowledge and skills immensely.
  • There are a heap of resources on you-tube, podcasts and materials out there.

P.S Heres a flatty (37cm) I caught at pittwater. After the tide ran out and I was getting no more top-water hits, I switched to an ecogear ZX blade, 2 casts later and I was on. He went back in the drink after a quick photo and the kids had a look at him. 

Another three casts and I was onto another flatty, this one was big and a little angry with head shakes happening, I managed to reel her in and go to see the solid head peering back at e through the water and boom head shakes. Leader snapped and bye bye blade!



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Nice report @Bennyg78! It’s often easy to think that anglers who have more success than you might have some magic superpower, a secret lure or some other kind of secret sauce. But the reality is that more often than not, they’ve just put in the time, had a little help from someone like Derek and kept the faith when others might have given up.

It does get easier with practice, but not so much that you will get bored. And as you fish more, new target species and methods will pop up to keep you engaged.

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Hi Benny,

It has been a pleasure to watch the growth in your skills. I also respect the passion you have shown in really trying to give something a shot. I try to set a high bar for everyone I mentor partially to show off (I admit it as I've worked hard to develop my own abilities) but mostly to give you something to strive for. Every cast, every outing, every discussion gets you closer to the level I want to see you reach. You've earned every fish you have caught just by getting out there and trying it.

It is reports and feedback like this that keeps it being a joy helping others.

Thank you mate.



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Very well done Benny for showing persistence, the rewards will continue to be there for the taking. You are fortunate to have been mentored by Derek. He certainly expects high standards from those he tutors. His reward is seeing you succeed and acknowledge his input. To me this signifies a win/win situation. Enjoy the journey. bn

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Great report and thanks for sharing - wisdom from @Little_Flatty “reality is that more often than not, they’ve just put in the time, had a little help from someone like Derek and kept the faith when others might have given up.”

”Luck” is where opportunity is paired with persistence and experience”

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