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Another cod grind saved by 1 fish

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As the title suggests we had another grind of a cod session.

It started with unexpected mutual days off, so we headed off to the Namoi river only this time the bottom end of the national park. 

The place looked stunning as ever


But the fish really played hard to get, we struggled all afternoon for a couple of bumps.

finally when we went back to camp I was chatting to a fellow camper who was equally struggling  I had a hit that stuck


A small cod that atleast saved the doughnut, funny story but 2 casts later


A hot bite of ant sized cod, we fished hard tgrough the evening but decided we were happy with what was caught.

We were up early in the morning hoping for a miracle on our way out of the NP, it was definetly a beautiful morning


Again the grind continued and when it was decided the trip was over, Amy's lure is smashed, the fish took off and straight away we called it for quality, and yes it was


A beautiful 70cm fish in pristine condition definitely not what we were expecting,  Amy smashed her pb

Managed to get it on video,  we apologise for any colourful language 

It was a tough trip but well worth it for that 1 fish

Cheers for reading


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What a cracking fish Amy...well done. Fabulous trip featuring amazing country, tough fishing, cold weather and you two lovebirds sharing it all together. Excellent video too Dave, thanks for sharing it.


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