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Couldn’t get out to catch Kingies, so settled for Flatties.


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I tried to get outside for a crack at kingfish today, but the seas and swell were not obliging, so headed to calmer waters at Berowra and got a feed of flathead. All fish were solid, the biggest going 57 and 62 and a pair of “give always”  (bream). A cold and foggy start and quite windy, so would have been horrible outside today (and yes, I did have bananas for morning tea). Bait was yellowtail fillets from trip out with @big Neil last week.


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Good stuff Bob, glad you were able to apply plan B. Can't complain about a good feed of Flathead. I hope that the fishing offshore improves for you soon and you can get back to getting among the Kingfish.

Cheers, Neil

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