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Birthday trout

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Had wednsday off work and decided to go trout fishing  thurs was my bday so took off 4 am  got to my fave river 7.30  first creek crossing could see trout in the shallows  so looked like a good start  once i got to my spot the water was a good level  little bit of cloudiness but vould see bottom in 3ft so was reasonably clear  not as many fish as last trip but had an entertaing day catching trout in fast runs and pools  4 redfin in the mix  and trout up to 38 cm  16 trout and quite pleased with my day out   some pools had no fish at all  so im assuming others have been taking a fair few fish  boot marks on the banks and rubbish are a dead giveaway    il try and squeeze in one more trip before closed season




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1 hour ago, rickmarlin62 said:

Waza  i love catchin fish  any fish  cod trout reds marlin   ive had my boat in storage for 18 months  il prob sell it  priorities change an i spend most of my time ridin my victory with my bike club  


Lovely bike Rick. Don't give up on fishing tho. bn

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