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My First!!!


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"Well done on that first capture on a lure"

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Hi All Raiders!

Started the day around 7am at Drummoyne Bay for my first session with @DerekD joined by @Obsessed Fisherman. @DerekDis so fantastic to share his knowledge and mentoring me on lure fishing, I have been trying lure / soft plastics fishing for a few months without any success so I can't wait to break the duck.

Lesson for the day - FC knot for braid to leader knot, leader length, proper hand placement on the reel / rod, casting and walk the dog retrieving technique using sugapen. Lesson end around 9:30am and I think I did quite ok with my casting distance, but definitely need a lot more practice with accuracy and retrieving technique. Thank you so much and can't wait for my next lesson with @DerekD.

Straight after the lesson @Obsessed Fisherman  was kind to invite me to join him for another session in middle harbour. Got there about 30mins later, rigged up with a 15g micro jig and then @Obsessed Fisherman gave a run-down of the location and showing me technique to fish with micro jig. I was retrieving second cast when my line started to pull and after a nice fight and carefully navigating around oyster beds, I landed my first fish on lure, a 50cm Salmon :) . Thank you @Obsessed Fisherman, looking forward to fishing with you again.

Can't ask for a better Sunday!


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Very well done to all 3 of you. Team work pays off again and the true essence of being a Fishraider member comes to the fore. That Salmon would have put your newly found experiences to the test and you came out a winner. Well done , each of you. bn

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