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Winter Kingfish


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After all the windy weather and big swells which copped the east coast, I decided to take the boat out to the reefs off Sydney in search of some winter kingfish. First stop
was to gather bait at the artifical and after 20 minutes the live bait tank was full with yellowtail and a few slimey mackerel, it was then a quick run to some of the closer reefs off Sydney to find a few kingfish.

At the marks the were only a couple of boats so I decided to spotlock on top of fish I was marking, after sometime I hooked up a small rat king on the jig which quickly went
back in the water, after a quick circle around I starting to mark fish again so I deployed spotlock. On the first drop I hooked up on what seemed like a good kingfish until my
braid snapped at the tip of my rod, shortly after the livie rod goes off and a 73cm kingfish is boated. Some more rat kingfish ensued, until there was a good bite on the
paternoster meant for a snapper, up came a 96cm kingfish on a 3/0 circle hook and 30lb leader, I was surprised at how well my 3500 certate handled it. After some more lost fish on the jigs due to braid snapping, I decided to call it a day and head back in.


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6 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Great kingie mate, well done.

Cheers it went well for its size.

6 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Great looking fish.

They are starting to fatten up now and will really get well conditioned in the coming weeks.

2 hours ago, kantong said:

healthy specimen, well done


1 hour ago, masterfisho7 said:

That.s a top king well done

Thanks mate

59 minutes ago, dlvbw said:

That is a great catch mate! 


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2 hours ago, Yowie said:

Good sized fish.

Any idea why the braid kept breaking, too much pressure or fraying of the braid?


14 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Great result mate...well done. I, like Yowie, am interested in where the braid was snapping. Was it where the braid joined the leader? bn

I’m not to sure what caused the braid to snap to be honest when I was fishing I didn’t notice any nicks in the braid and my guides were fine and the braid was breaking well above my fg knot. I’ve caught metre fish on the exact setup with the same line, leader and drag settings and haven’t had any problems. My best guess is that leatherjackets are biting my line on the way up. 

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4 hours ago, Jp2 said:

100% damaged top rod runner. Please check. A few years ago I had the same problem once hooked up and this was the cause!!! Let me know how u go.

I checked my tip and it all seemed fine, the braid only snapped once at the tip and the rest were around 20m from the rod tip.

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