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Back on the Nambucca

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Amy and I managed a session on the Nambucca, we hadn't fished up there for awhile so we were pretty excited. The aim of the day variety hoping for trevs.

Wasted no time getting into it Amy got the session going with a couple of small big-eye trevs and flathead, the fishing wasn't redhot but enough action to kerp us confidant, after loads of misses I finally pinned a decent fish which turned into a nice big-eye 


moving upriver we worked the runout tide  plenty of small fish landed mostly bream, again I hooked into something solid called it for a trev at first  I was surprised to see a good tailor


Have never seen a tailor so far up river, not long after I hooked another which chewed me off.

The session continued about the same with small bream until I finally landed a decent speci


Through that section of river we spotted a few quality river GTs, it took awhile but on a rockbar Amy managed to hook into one, no easy task on a 1-3kg rod with 6lb braid but after a couple of serious runs she manged to steer the fish into the net, 


Did I say Amy was impressed with herself, I definitely am.


Went 49cm, a cracker for the river

The rest of the session ended with plenty of flathead and smaller bream, Amy easily won the day on quality and quantity

Turned out to be a great session with multiple species, the exact reason we hit the Nambucca 

A video of the session 

Cheers for reading 



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3 hours ago, Yowie said:

Another good bag of fish. 

Do you keep any for the table, or release all of them?

We let most of our fish go, occasionally we keep a couple of flathead for the table 

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And...just as BigNeil is getting excited for a visit..its back to square one.

A wonderful, if small, window of opportunity on the Bucca Dirvin and Amy. Thank you for sharing.


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