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Hacking Whiting


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Headed out into the Hacking in what looked like the only decent day forecast tis week after a horror week prior. Took a mate our in search of a few whiting then an afternoon on the squid.  Launched at the bottom of the tide and found plenty of flotsam in the water... I had to veer suddenly a few times to avoid running over a decent log or two! Collected some nippers then fished the flats for a few nice whiting in the high 30s and just as many dropped good fish for some reason. Decided to head out to Jibbon for some squid but the water was pretty murky and no inkers could be raised. My mate hooked a barracuda for some fun that self-released boatside. Headed back in to the Maianbar flats for couple more smaller whiting and back to the ramp at 5 with a feed at least. At least a few decent whiting hanging around in the cooler water:)

IMG_0433 (2).jpg

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21 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Great feed of whiting mate, well done.

How deep where you fishing in?

Anywhere from 1-6 feet

21 hours ago, Larkin said:

Those whiting will make a nice Lunch.

I find when there is weed floating in the water or its murky, it’s pretty hard going to get any squid.

Yep last time I was out out could see the kelp and boulders on the bottom in 25 feet, not yesterday!

11 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Cracker Whiting!


10 hours ago, Yowie said:

Nice fish there Rob. I dropped a couple as well when I was out, taking line against the drag then gone.

My mate set up a small stinger hook to keep the nipper straight and it worked well but I think we pulled the hooks too early when striking on a few...in warmer times they inhale the nippers and I'm pulling the hooks out of their guts!

7 hours ago, masterfisho7 said:

Some top whiting there should be good eating 

Always good eating:)

6 hours ago, Rebel said:

Top haul.

Well done.


5 hours ago, Bluebenbomb said:

Nice photos, another great day on the hacking.

It was a magic day weather wise, no wind and no boats!

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