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Cooks River (last 2-3 weeks)


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Hiya folks,

Hope you're having a good one! 

I've been out there fishing a stretch of the Cooks river near me for the last few weeks, probably about 5 or 6 sessions in total. It's been really hard going since the rain about a fortnight ago: the river was like chocolate milk and it seems to take ages for a bit of clarity to return this far up. On the days when it wasn't raining, the wind's been pretty terrible. Safe to say I had a few blanks on the trot. I tried some black coloured lures because I thought they'd stand out against the murk, but only managed one little flathead.

The last couple of sessions have been better though as the conditions have improved and I'm starting to find the structure. I bought a wee Sienna 1000 and a net with some birthday vouchers and had the chance to break them in this week. Haven't had any serious fish apart from the usual bread and butter, but it's been nice to get some bites (even managed to break the bloodworm Zman curse with a Daiwa bait junkie!) 

One thing I did have on one of the sessions was a visit from a couple of inspectors from the DPI. They were very patient with me as I fumbled about to find my license receipt on my phone (I'd left my wallet with the actual license at home) and quite chatty. Goes to show it's always wise to check your pockets before you head out!

Planning a trip to the eastern suburbs tomorrow to try and pick up a fish for a feed. Wish me luck! 



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Nice report @adamski. Looks like you're getting back into the swing of things in oz.

Good to see the DPI officers out and about. From what I've seen, many of them are mad keen anglers themselves. I only use the service NSW app to show my licence because I don't carry a wallet!

Nothing wrong with a bloodworm Z-man grub. It's the go-to for many and has been for years. When we are constantly bombarded with new products on the market, it's often easy to forget that the older lures still work.

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Great post Adamski!

some nice fish there and good to see DPI out and about.  A few years ago when kayak fishing under one of the bridges there I came across some illegal crab traps holding a couple of 1kg + muddies!  I called DPI and they came down to collect the traps👌

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Cheers folks, @jenno64 and @Little_Flatty, yeah the DPI guys do a great job!

Just a wee followup report too: I went out to the eastern suburbs this morning to try and get some fish for a feed. Had a little flatty on the first cast, which went back:


Followed by a tiny tarwhine and tailor off the wharf about 30 mins later, but my lures were getting chomped by jackets, so I moved around to a bay nearby. Two casts in and dropped a big whiting as I was trying to get it to the net. Fortunately managed to hook another one a few casts later, which went about 37cm and a flatty too at 40 cm, so I'm heading home to work on my filleting skills. 😉


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21 hours ago, NoMoreDonuts said:

Great report! Good to see the fish are biting on the Cooks again. I had a couple of sessions there over the school holidays without a nibble… to be fair to the fish, the water was beyond filthy!

Cheers @NoMoreDonuts! Yeah it was hard going just after the heavy rain. Conditions are starting to improve, had a few fish again today, including a nice trev. 


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