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Port Hacking and Offshore Friday 19/08/22


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Hadn't had the boat out for a couple of months (weather, kids sport, life, chasing Blackfish landbased) and decided Fridays RDO was a good chance to go, started the boat in the backyard on Thursday arvo and put one of the batteries that was low on charge, added a bit of fresh fuel to the tank ready for the morning.

Launched from Grays Point at 630ish and headed out stopping and starting a few times, letting the engine cool, starting it again just getting confidence before going in the ocean.

I was going to have a cast for squid around the bombie but there was a bit much swell so headed out for a Flathead drift. Fished in 30-50m of water, moving around fish where never thick but managed 9 fish between 40-48cm before I moved on. 

Heaps of Dolphins splashing around.

Had a bit of a sound around the John Dunphy Artificial reef, plenty of bait on the sounder but only got one undersize red bream and a few Barracouta casting a lure around the area.

Came back to the ramp at 11ish and picked up my wife and little girl who brought hamburgers and chips for lunch. Swapped one of the flathead for a couple of poddy mullet with a guy who was fishing off the pontoon. Went back out in the river for lunch and got a couple of nice whiting (33cm & 40cm) on live nippers to my wife and a few little red bream to the 3 yr old to keep her busy, nothing on the poddy mullet.

Pulled the boat out just as a rain shower came through but other than that the weather was better then the forecast and we had a lovely outing.

Thanks for reading.



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Thanks for reading and thankyou for your comments. Sorry for my delay in responding.

On 8/26/2022 at 5:18 PM, Fab1 said:

Great report mate and what a feed.Where many out on the ramp/water?I need to get out there soon.


Ramp was very quiet, although it was a Friday a couple of weeks ago now. I was first car there at 630 and the river was quiet.


On 8/26/2022 at 6:41 PM, Isaac Ct said:

Nice feed mate, well done.

Where did you catch the whiting? I haven’t had much luck with them lately.

Whiting were up river towards Grays Point, I find in cooler months I get more whiting up-river.


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