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Wazza's Alvey reel museum


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@wazatherfisherman is a big fan and collector of Alvey side cast reels and was kind enough to put out his collection on display. It would have done a fishing museum proud. With the exception of two of them he knows the history and materials they were made of. On one of the unknown ones the wood looked to me like Huon pine but I’m not an expert.


It was an awesome experience to see such beautiful and historical reels. They will become even more special as Alvey closes its doors.


Thanks for taking the time to put these on display and sharing with @big Neil and myself.




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18 minutes ago, Bluebenbomb said:

I'm speechless. I counted 70 alvey reels. Wow, looks I'm way behind others on fishing tackle. 🤣

Hi @BluebenbombI think we could take several people combined and still be behind. What @wazatherfisherman showed us on the evening with @big Neil was only a small part of his collection.

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Again, thanks Derek for posting this! Glad to show some of the collection.

As a long time Alvey user and advocate for these types of reel, am happy to provide any info on the use of them. Regardless of the advancements in both overhead and spinning reel technology, there are no better reels for fishing the rocks for most species.

Fighting a fish 'one-on-one' without a drag system is also a 'buzz' of it's own!

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22 hours ago, wazatherfisherman said:

Thanks! I've got a few more here somewhere. I reckon they look good when all together like this!

That is an amazing collection and they definitely look good, here's mine plus I have a couple of others that I fish with when on the coast.

Each of them has a story that is important to me - they were either my reels or my dads so represent a lot of great times fishing. My favourite is the little bakelite Club Trophy which I used on a cane rod as a kid  including an epic trip to Fraser Island in 1971.


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